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We DO NOT recommend putting your personal phone number on your flyers. If you do not have a separate business phone number, we suggest you get a FREE Google Voice number. Go to to watch tutorial on how to set that up.
For your website, we DO NOT recommend putting your company link as it is most likely against their compliance and it also wont allow you to capture the visitors contact information in case they decide not to buy right away. We suggest using the Marketing System. Visit to find out more about this system and how you can get yours today.


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I understand and agree that IF I AM ORDERING SmartLife flyers during the preorder period (until 8/11) that the design may slightly to moderately change. I agree that I trust the designers at to deliver a final design I will be accepting of. I also understand that IF I AM NOT ordering SmartLife flyers, this statement will not affect me but I will still check the box to acknowledge my understanding.

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